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Hello Lakeside Families!  

First off, I LOVE MY JOB :) 

I graduated from University of Phoenix with a Masters Degree in School Counseling. Prior to that, I received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Child and Family Studies from Weber State University. I received my Associates Degree from Southern Utah University. 

I love teaching students about college and career readiness and absolutely LOVE elementary!  This is my 7th year as an elementary school counselor, and I couldn't ask for a better job!  

I have been married 10 years, have 2 cute kids; a girl and a boy. I love vacationing, singing, playing the piano, and the outdoors! 

Mrs. Haley Hamblin

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Check This Out!  

Our school counselor has put together a Family Change Group and a Test Anxiety Group!  Contact Haley Hamblin for details @ or 801-402-2900. 


Learning the skill of mindfulness is crucial for children and their developing brains. As humans, we have an emotional brain and a learning brain, and often they cannot function together if the emotional brain has too much friction. 

Each week I send out a mindfulness video for the students to watch and do as a class to help them gear up for their week. The mindfulness skills range from deep breathing to getting the heart rate up, and several in between. Students can access these at any time on their own account. However, I have included them here if you would like to participate in one together. 

Week 32 - Kindness

Week 30 - Visualization

Week 29 - Refocus Breathing

Week 28 - Mindfullness - Puppy Breath

Week 26: Simple Body Scan