SNAP Plan (Safe Neighborhood Access Program)

The SNAP Plan has been created to identify the safest walking routes for children to get to school.

Hello Lakeside Families,

To make our schools as safe as possible, the district has made a few changes to security procedures. Below is a description of these changes.

  • All outside school doors will be locked or monitored from the first bell until the end of the day. Only the front doors will remain unlocked during the school day.
  • ALL visitors, volunteers, guests, etc. MUST come into the office to check in during the school day.
  • ALL Parents/Visitors MUST show ID to enter the building or check out a student.
  • ALL Adults MUST show ID, regardless of who they are or how well we know them.
  • We are no longer allowed to accept social security numbers as a form of identification.
  • Once in the building, ALL adults MUST wear a badge. Visitors will receive badges only after they have shown ID and checked into the system.


  • To check in, simply sign in on the office computer, show ID to the secretary, and pick up a visitor badge. Remember, visitors must wear this badge while at the school.
  • To check out a student, authorized parents/guardians will need a "myDSD" username and password. Use the "myDSD" account to sign out the student on the computer and show ID to the secretary.
  • If you have not set up a "myDSD" account, please access it through our website or click on
  • • If you have questions regarding "myDSD" call the district help desk at 801-402-5600.

Field trips Volunteers attending a field trip must sign in, show ID, and get a badge.

Events/assemblies In advance of a school-day function, the school will send "tickets" home that parents may use to enter the school. Parents may give additional tickets to grandparents or other family members who will be attending the event. This ticket will serve as ID for the event.

Upon arrival, tickets will be collected at the door granting access to the location of the activity only. Adults who forget their tickets, want to stay beyond the time of the activity, or need to visit another area of the school, must use the daily protocol.

We appreciate your patience with the new changes. We want to do everything we can to keep your student safe.

Thanks for all you do to support the safety of your students.

Lakeside Faculty and Staff